Applicable to SketchUp Pro 2019, SketchUp Pro 2018,  SketchUp Pro 2017, & SketchUp Make 2017

Applicable to SunDAT Pro


How do I create a block based around a combiner box?


To learn more about block creation, visit our help article on creating a block: What is Block Creation?

  1. In the SunDAT panels, select Block Creation.  Then select the tab: Electrical Block.
  2. In the drop down menu for selecting Electrical Block type, choose the Combiner.  The inputs for creating a combiner block will appear below.
  3. Choose "New" in the first drop-down menu and then give your new combiner block a name in the next input.
  4. Go to the Choose a table drop-down menu and select the table you want to use in the block.
  5. In the Choose a Combiner, select the combiner you want to use.  After choosing both the table and combiner, you will notice the Combiner Block Details populate with information about the combiner block.
  6. Next, set up what the block will look like by specifying the number of tables in a row(tables in the north-south direction) and column(tables in the east-west direction).  
  7. In the Strings per combiner, input the number of strings that will be going into the combiner box.  It should equal or less than the number of inputs available in the combiner box you selected.  Then based on the strings per combiner and the number of tables in the block, SunDAT will calculate the Number of Combiners.  Note: that you can create combiner blocks with more than (1) combiner box but increasing the number of tables in the columns and rows.  
  8. Specify the spacing between tables with the North-South Gap and East-West Gap.  Note: when putting in the table spacing, it is locked in.  This means if a GCR is set to 40%, when a layout is run, the spacing has to use the same GCR.  If you want to do a PV layout run with 35% GCR, then you will need create a new block with that spacing.  So, a recommended practice is to put the spacing into the Block Name.
  9. If advance spacing is needed or a skew is needed, check the Advanced block configuration and fill in the information for additional spacing and/or skew.
  10. When ready press the Create button and you will see your combiner block appear in SketchUp. 
  11. Press OK in the message box and now your combiner block is available to run PV layouts.


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